My Favorite Team!!

My Favorite Team!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Chicago Bulls

Today I'll be discussing the dominating Chicago Bulls. They have a outstanding record of 60-20. They have clinched the top seed in the Eastern Conference and are looking to cause some damage in the postseason. They have never lost 3 games in a row this whole season. They have gone as long as winning 8 games in a row. They have D-Rose that just does his job at the highest level. He gets to the hole, has a great jumper, can knock down the three, and creates open looks for other potential scorers. Then there is Noah who never gives up and is tough under the hoop, boozer who is the same as Noah so they can switch and never lose talent in the paint. Then there is Korver who hits three's like it's his job! And he always seems to knock one down as a desperation three to save or tie the game. They will definitely go far in the playoffs and the already get home court advantage through it all. All they got to do is get all the starters rested up and healed up as much as possible and wait for the playoffs this weekend. So if I were the coach, I'd take out all the starters for the last 2 games and let the back-ups get some first starts because they will need to be ready to come in for a few minutes in the postseason. They just need a few extra reps. And if they play like the regular season they will have a legitimate shot at winning the NBA Finals. Join me next time when I discuss the Oklahoma City Thunder!!

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  1. I love this team! The Chicago Bulls are the best! Just saying..(: